Bathroom Rack Patent

Bathroom shelf won the national invention patent, patent No. I produced: ZL 200820164150.6.

The structure has the advantages of convenient installation and use, simple and reasonable structure. It is an effective solution to the existing toilet auxiliary shelf has complicated installation, trouble and technical problems. It is easy to be disassembled, assembled in transport cost savings at the same time is also very convenient, reducing installation time and trouble; the supporting foot at the bottom of the front and rear is provided with a height adjusting device, caused by uneven ground trouble; also solve the toilet in the bathroom hardware more, and functional design patterns, reduce space but also improve the utilization rate of toilet and bathroom space; the rack is designed as a multilayer, can also display a variety of items, higher utilization rate.

Convenient installation, adjustable height, multi function design, the product is listed on the customer's friends by the majority of customers. It will be the best choice for you to create a comfortable, warm family.